The Nightmare Life of a CAP Marine

Luis "Marty" Martinez recounts his experience as a 22-year-old U.S. Marine fighting and living 24/7 in remote villages during the Vietnam War. 


Almost 50 years later, Martinez details the heroic and horrific events captured in his daily diary while serving in the special operations unit known as the Combined Action Program (CAP).  Release date - Fall 2020.

The world is ready to hear the truth

A true story of war set in Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam during the combat of 1970-71. This historical memoir transports the reader back to an era that changed the United States forever. Year of Survival is an enhanced ebook made to be experienced on the Apple iPad that features:

Audio Interviews
Interactive Media 
Original Photography
Links to Veterans and PTSD Resources


Luis Martinez is the recipient of two Purple Hearts. He has the honor of being pictured on the cover and contributing a chapter to the New York Times best-seller, EVERYTHING WE HAD, An Oral History of the Vietnam War by Thirty-Three American Soldiers Who Fought It, by Al Santoli (Random House, 1981). 

In his chapter titled, ”A Puerto Rican Marine” he is quoted as saying, “I’ve always thought of writing a book. That’s why I kept a diary and things of that nature.” YEAR OF SURVIVAL is the result of decades worth of reflection and intention to write a memoir.  


The effects of war on the soul, tarnishes the future.

Helping Veterans In Need

Martinez' passions include working with victims suffering from PTSD and supporting fellow veterans. He is an advocate for the voting rights of U.S. citizens living in the U.S. Territories who have served in the military and are denied the right to vote for the President of the U.S. and youth education projects. Donations supporting these interests can be made by clicking on the links below. 

Mental Health Solutions
As a Veteran who has experienced PTSD, Martinez is pleased to endorse the National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces mental wellness solutions R2MR app.  


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With every subscription and book purchase, I donate a portion of all proceeds to the following nonprofit organizations. Each nonprofit organization select serve individuals in their community ranging from children education to veteran suicide prevention. Click their respective links to learn more.

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